Monday, October 4, 2004

The Twenty Bucks DVD Conspiracy

This is really interesting. I've been wanting this indie movie called Twenty Bucks to come on DVD. And to my amazement, it was supposed to come out on DVD on 9/21/04. Looking around on release date, no one seemed to have it available. Then a week later, Amazon removes the object from its database. Google had it cached, and some sites still have the cover art for the DVD. Usually when something is delayed production, they just make it so you can't order it. They don't completely remove it. So what's going on here? This movie along with Robin Hood: Men in Tights are the unicorns in my DVD collection. I wrote up a list of DVDs I wished to buy when they became available. Aladdin was on that list too, but its being released tomorrow. Star Wars trilogy was released last week. Out of the 100+ movies that have been on that list, those 2 are the only ones left. Robin Hood is another weird one. Its available in Region 2 (PAL), but not available here. Here's an interesting article about PAL, NTSC, and SECAM. Its funny how the NTSC standard originally had really bad hue consistancy problems and how people were saying NTSC stood for Never The Same Color. It actually stands for National Television Standards Committee.

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