Monday, October 11, 2004

The Double Double

Yes, 2 posts in one day. This weekend, a group of friends made it to the Qualcomm party after scoring a bunch of tickets. The party was at the first 4 floors of the Hyatt. There were appetizers and deserts on the 1st floor along with a big dance floor and a live band. Second floor was for pictures, and a place for people to sip tea in a well lit ball room/wedding reception type area. The third floor we never checked out. I think it was an artsy type of area to look around. And the 4th floor had a James Bond theme with a big area for casino type gambling. You get some chips and you can buy raffle tickets with it.

The food there was good but it could have been so much better. The paella they were serving had a great amount of seafood and an exorbitant amount of scallops in there, but it was prepared with haste. Paella is like a risotto, and you need to give it a lot of TLC for it to come out good. But if prepared too quickly its mushy and broken down on the outside, and crunchy on the inside. Too bad I'm not much of a drinker cause the open bar at ever corner was all that you can ask for. The thing I enjoyed the most were the chocolate fountains. It was a cold fountain of chocolate but the chocolate wasn't too sweet but bursting with flavor. When you put that chocolate on a little piece of pound cake, you just wanted to close your eyes and let your eyes roll to the back of your head while happy synapes in your brain were popping off like mild fireworks.

On Saturday, I met up with a bunch of people to go to Sushi Deli. We waited for quite a bit. Probably an hour or so. My favorite thing to get there is the Raymundo roll. Its kinda like a rainbow roll, except it has spicy Tuna instead of the california roll. You can make that better by substituting the spicy tuna with the spicy salmon. To me, its the perfect roll. After Sushi Deli, we went to the Yard House for some drinks. We ordered their chicken nachos, and wow. It was the best nachos I've ever had. The tomatoes were fresh. The guacamole was perfect. The chips were freshly fried. The chicken was well seasoned. The cheese was well proportioned. From now on, if I want nachos, I'm gonna have to go to the Yard house.

On Sunday, had Sunday brunch to celebrate Nik's birthday at Jasmine's. It was my first time at Jasmines. It was a really nice place and the food was pretty cheap. One thing that stood out was that the jasmine tea was much better than the jasmine teas I've had at other places. I guess if you name yourself Jasmine, you can't skimp on the quality of the jasmine tea you'll be serving. I wasn't aware that we were going to get charged for the tea, but apparently you do there. Luckily Eric new someone that worked there and he was able to sign off on the tea for us. After brunch, we went to Sea Port village, got some ice cream and walked around.

After that, I took it easy and was in the mood to watch a few movies. I first saw I Robot that I enjoyed quite a bit. I like movies that are about the futures since I'm a gadget freak. Then I saw Super Size Me and Troy. I thought Troy was good, but forgettable. Quite ironic because the movie is about Achilles who fights in the war because he wants to be remembered through the ages. I also saw Shaun of the Dead and Dodgeball also. Both movies were pretty forgettable.

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