Saturday, August 2, 2003

random stuff

wow, just saw bad boys 2 and i was quite amazed how much i was disappointed. i totally love bad boys 1. in the original bad boys the plot was pretty thin but the characters were very likable, funny, and had great chemistry. plus, the Tea Leoni was smoking hot. in part 2, will smith's character was not well defined. he wasn't the cool and controlled Mike Lawrrry. in the original, if a lot of shit went down, you knew Mike would be calm and in control, and you can say, no worries. just wait for Mike Lawry to do his this one, he didn't make too much of a seperation from his partner so there was nothing special about the character. Martin Lawrence's character was pretty much the same...he didn't go over the top like he does in every one of his movies. but the fact that Will Smith's character was not in tune, it threw the whole chemistry off. and there was no strong female lead/babe. even if she was replaced with someone that i found more attractive, the script made her part too small. don't these script writers know these basic fundamentals of writing a movie script? just ask anyone who paid attention to why they liked the first one so much, and they'll basically tell you what i've just mentioned. you would expect from someone that is involved in the project to be less clueless.

my card counting is going pretty good. i'm changing up how i scan the cards, and i can count 39 cards in about 22 seconds... so i should theoretically be able to count 3/4 of 6 decks in around 3 minutes. i'll just have to keep working at it when i can count about 235 cards in less than a minute. i've taken a break from practicing perfect pitch and concentrating on card counting. i also bought a supplementary database that shows you how to play half of the hands different when the count is going on. it is a lot of stuff to memorize. but i'm planning to memorize that too.

i started watching this show called Dead Like Me about 6 weeks ago and I'm really starting to love the show. It's on friday's on showtime. but if you don't have showtime like me, you can just get it from suprnova. with bittorrent, who needs premium channels?

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