Thursday, August 21, 2003

its just a waiting game now

well, i had a post-op appointment with the surgeon today. and he said i'm just about where he expected me to be. not bad, but not great either. i asked him how long it was going to take for the swelling to go down and he said a while. he couldn't give me a straight answer. so i'm guessing from anywhere to a week to even a month or more? dang. this means that i won't be putting together the normal get-together on the day of my birthday. i'll probably just rest at home and let whoever remembers to come over. so whenever the swelling goes down and i can finally make it out for recreational activities, i'll throw a get together to thank everyone who has helped me out in a tough time, and also to celebrate my recovery and birthday.

so until then, i just have to wait for the swelling to go down. right now the swelling is big enough that it's causing me enough pain for me to not stand or sit comfortably.

is the toss salad man fake?

after a good amount of searching, i have concluded that there was no HBO America Undercover special about the Toss Salad Man. It does not come up on google, and HBO does not have it listed in their archives, so I guess it was something that Chris Rock made up. it's funny because some people are convinced that the special exists and some even think they've seen it. i guess after you've heard the Bring the pain skit so many times you start forming fake memories in the noggin'. same thing as Eyewitness Testimony, and how it should not be allowed in court, ever.

has anyone else heard of this? tiger woods is going around giving away a $35k buick SUV's to golfers who can land on the green closets to the pin. i'm sure he'll be criticized for giving away cars to people that don't need it. hey tiger, why not go to the homeless shelter and see who can kick the soda can closets to the wall and give that man some descent food? i think you'll be doing more good.

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