Saturday, August 16, 2003

just a little longer....? hopefully

i think recovery is going well. i really can't say anything definite until i go see the surgeon again next week and he gives me his opinion.

i'm just a little pessimistic because i'm back in bed in pretty much the same position. and i'm so used to getting injured and it not healing.

right now 2 things are bothernig me. the area where the operation was done (the muscle is really sore), and the incision area.

and the sciatica. i still have that because its gonna take at least a few weeks for that to settle down since my sciatic nerves were getting short circuited for 5 months straight. so if those 2 things heal up, i would say i'm about 95% recovered. the other 5 percent will be me going to physical therapy to get me walking completely straight and strengthen my core. this might actually take a few weeks to a few months.

other stuffs

today i downloaded finding nemo and xmen 2 on suprnova. i was surprised that the dvd's for these movies were out already since these encodes were obviously encoded from dvd. so i looked up the release dates no amazon, only to find out that the dvd's haven't even been announced yet. only thing on amazon are the movie showtimes. and the encodes are not screeners either. i'm starting to wonder where these guys are finding the souce of the movies.

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