Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tyson 2009 Review

I had a chance to see this early before the release and I must say it was pretty eye opening. I've seen other documentaries about Mike Tyson, and know about his life story. The difference with this documentary is that its him telling the story with his own words. Not a story by someone who thinks he has a good understanding about him. What I learned was that he's not a boarderline mentally handicapped individual. The media portrayed him as some kind of a fighting prodigy with a mind of a 3 year old child. Sure he has a bit of a lisp. And although he is not a genius, he's a man who understands himself very well. When he's using those big words, he's not trying to sound smart. He's just doesn't stop himself from trying to get the other person to understand just because he can't find the right words.

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