Thursday, April 30, 2009

My favorite place in and around Huntington Beach

Whenever you move, one of the things you lose is the favorite places you like to eat at. You have to start the list from scratch.

After I moved to Huntington Beach, I found 3 places that I would recommend to anybody.

85c cafe. About 7 miles from me. Its the same chain that is in Taiwan. It opened last year in Irvine. It could be that I am biased about the desserts here. 85c and Taiwan are good memories of mine. But what you can't argue is the energy of this place. Its electric. And the pastries here are cheap and top notch.

Ajisen (noodle place). Same plaza as 85c cafe. I only went there once, and the ramen noodles seemed more al-dente like angel hair pasta. But the soup and the meat of the royal pork ramen (I absolutely wouldn't recommend anything else) is to die for. Its just one of those things that you eat, and then a day later a knot in the back of your brain shows up. And it keeps reminding you of that dreamy experience. And all you can do it just satisfy the calling, to quiet down the urge before it drives you crazy.

Alertos - on Brookhurst that is closer to the 405 - The burritos are as good as San Diego's quality. The portion is about the same because they don't serve you large burritos in San Diego anymore (except maybe JV's).

Still haven't found a good pho place. The $3 pho place is not consistant. Although its cheap, sometimes its good, sometimes you leave there unsatisfied. Not worth $3.

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