Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sous-vide, Top Chef 4, and the CIA

Interesting wiki of the day:

Whenever Hung from Top Chef 3 used this technique, the level of praise from the judges was unreal. Reading up on the technique, I really want to try it. Doesn't really look hard. It might take some equipment like a vacuum sealer, and 2 digital thermometers, but I think I can do without the expensive immersion circulators at least for a while with the sacrifice of some precision.

Hung was from the Culinary Institute of America. When people (Anthony Bourdain) heard that, they immediately thought he was over-qualified. Here is a classically trained chef against mostly self-taught, but still successful chefs.

Top Chef Season 4 seems to be very different. It looks like there are 4-5 contestants that are from the CIA, and majority of the rest from other culinary/cooking schools. And maybe 2-3 self-taught cooks.

Are we going to see an all out sous-vide fest (influence from Hung, but mostly due to CIA's influence) on Top Chef 4?

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