Monday, February 18, 2008

iPod Touch 32GB

There are rumors going around that the 32GB iPod Touch will be $399 relatively soon. I had originally said put at least 32GB on this thing and I'll consider buying it.

Over the weekend, I managed to encode all 180 episodes of seinfeld and put it on my iPod. Seinfeld is the perfect show for short viewings while standing in line because you don't need to be engaged from the story from start to end to enjoy it. I can say as long as I have my iPod, I'll never be bored in line or in a waiting room ever again.

The resolution on the iPod Touch is exactly double the 5G iPod, so you need more space per episode. I've realized 32GB is not going to be enough for me to consider buying it. I know we are still at the beginning of using SSD to replace hard drives and apple likes to be the pioneers at implementing technology, but apple needs to understand that bigger screen should mean more storage, not less.

What would make perfect sense to me is if apple thickened up the iPod touch to twice the thickness and put the 160gb harddisk in there. The iPod classic on the other hand will be better used as an audio player where switching back quickly between songs, longer battery life, smaller device, and less space (like 16-32GB) would make whole lot of sense. The iPod touch is a big device, so there is no need to make it that thin as the case you'll be buying for it will double the thickness anyway. Apple got it backwards. C'mon apple, stop jerking us around. Give me the 160GB thicker iPod touch with the spinning harddisk. In 3-4 years when the SSD technology can give me a 256GB SSD for the same money and then it'll be a good way to save some battery and make it slimmer.

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