Monday, February 18, 2008

Seafood Asparagus Risotto

Frozen Mixed Seafood (Trader Joes)
Cherry Tomatoes (Any ripe tomato would do)
Parsley (For garnish only)
Parmesean Cheese
Arborio Rice (Up to 8oz per person)
White Wine (Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay)
Fresh Unsalted Butter
White Onion
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chicken Broth (Veg broth OK)

Chop asparagus into 1 inch pieces
Dice onions
Dice tomatoes
Finely chop parsley
Chop butter into cubes

Heat up extra virgin olive oil in a large pan.
Bring chicken broth to a simmer.
Cook onions in oil until they are translucent. No need to carmelize or brown them.
Add rice. Toast rice.
Add 1/4 of white wine for every 8oz of rice.
After rice absorbs all the liquid, add 1/4 cup of chicken broth for every 8-16oz of rice. Mix. Repeat 8 times.
Throw in frozen seasfood and asparagus into remaining chicken broth.
Add 2 tbsp of butter for every 8 oz of rice.
Add 1/2 tbsp of parmesean cheese for every 8 oz of rice. Mix and taste to see that the rice is all the way cooked through.
Add salt & pepper to taste.
Plate and garnish with diced tomatoes and chopped parsley. Serve with white wine.

Things to improve for next time:
To keep with the texture of the dish, more of the stem of asparagus should be dicarded. I would not use at least the first 2 inches of the asparagus from the stem as it is too hard to be mixed in with the risotto.
When buying chicken broth, buy a box of chicken broth for every 16 oz of arborio rice.
When buying arborio rice, buy the smaller grains if you had the choice. smaller is easier to took and will come out less heavy.

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