Friday, February 22, 2008

How to eat oreo cookies

Food Saver: $125
A Box of Oreo Cookies from Costco: $7
A carton of 2% Reduced Fat Milk: $3

Getting to experience a taste of perfection? Priceless.

Here is a video of me showing how I like to eat my oreos. A vacuum sealer is required.

As the air is sucked out of the oreo, you can see the bubbles come to the top. When I push the button to return the pressure to normal, air along with more milk is pulled into the oreo. This creates a dual-action-milk-absorption that leads to yummy goodness.

It works best with low fat milk as thick milk, aka whole fat, is generally bad for oreo dunking. I would not recommend skim milk, even though skim milk absorbs the best, skim milk tastes terrible.

After you've tried it once, you'll be convinced this is superior than any dunk method, and won't mind going through the trouble.

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