Thursday, November 3, 2005

too many megapixels backlash

SHARP announced today they came up with a 1/1.7" 10 megapixel sensor. normally, having more megapixels for a pocket cam would be an achievement that people would want, but it seems like people are just getting fed up with the more megapixels marketting gimmick, because people have wised up and know that a 10 megapixel camera really isn't going address any of the issue with their current cameras. it may even make the images softer. everyone pretty much has a digital camera now and are more knowledgable in the subject than ever before, and people know what their camera isn't capable of. i personally would prefer better lower light performance and less noise at higher ISOs, and i think that is the general consensus. it pretty much seems like SHARP has been bitch slapped by the public for their "accomplishment".

which may not be fair. people were speculating that the 7 megapixel sensors that canons and sony uses was not going to provide much more, then it proved that, at least for well lit conditions, it actually provided very noticable improvement even over the 5 megapixel cameras. then again, they were comapring it to a 1/2.5" 5 megapixel sensor to a 1/1.8" 7 megapixel sensor. we'll see when the reviews come out.

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