Saturday, November 26, 2005

A slow and steady start

As usual I didn't get much sleep on the plane. I guess I'm a little more paranoid and still mystified by how this whole traveling by plane works. First I gotta rely that people handling my luggage won't actually out it on the wrong plane. Its very much like a mailman sorting mail at a post office. Even with everything being very computerized, human error plays a big part on how it gets to the destination. Then there is everything related to the flight itself. How good is the flight crew? How well is the plane maintained? Also it boggles my mind on how I can just enter a cabin full of people for a number of hours then step off to find myself at a place so far away. I think the number one reason I cannot sleep on the plane is because I can't fall asleep sitting up or even reclined. Even when I had a recliner at home, it was almost not worth trying to fall asleep on it fully reclined becuse I just couldn't make it happen. I'd resort to just crawling into bed from the recliner and then falling asleep shortly after.

So the first night and the first day I had only slept maybe a few hours tops within the last 60 hours. Plus Cherie has this really firm bed that I had to adapt to. So after a good nap last night before dinner I finally started gaining my appetite back. Which actually worked out pretty well in perspective because Cherie was affected by a stomach flu of some sort when I got here and hasn't had much of an appetite either. So the original plan to just plan our days around great places to eat has been a slow start. We've just been hanging out indoors for the most part, taking it easy, but still fun because this relationship is still all new to us.

We did go to the electronics mart under the bridge yesterday. We both picked up the extended 2200 mah batteries for our PSPs. And then had some shaved ice at Ice Monster on the way back.

Today we are planning to get around to check out some places more than walking distance. Really looking forward to eat at some places she's been telling me about.

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