Monday, October 31, 2005

one post for october

i guess its time that i update some stuff on here. hmm...what's new... i'm going to taiwan on thanksgiving for about 9 days to see cherie. it'll be my first vacation where i've gone on vacation with a significant other. although she's already there, so i guess it's not a couple's trip per se. should be a blast.

i also bought a PSP and a 2 gig memory card. i primarily bought it so i can take it to the gym with me while i do cardio. i almost bought a video ipod, but i think the PSP was a much better choice. on the 60 gig ipod, the screen is less than half as big as the PSP, lower resolution, only 50% of the battery life, doesn't play PSP games, no emulators. and with a 2 gig card, you can easily store 6 hours of video, and by then your battery would have run out so techinically, you shouldn't need more than 2 gigs for video storage space. yes its true that it will be cool to carry every episode of family guy, futurama, and simpsons on top of everything else you plan on watching, but really, would i really be watching those eps at the gym when i have so many other things i would never get to that i would want to watch first? probably not. good thing they were out that day when i walked up to the counter and asked for a black 60 gig one.

another big purchase i made was a queen sized slect comfort 5000 series sleep number bed. there was a sale for 33% off, so i got that. the select comfort have the right idea. the problem with any matress is that people sleep in different positions, have different body types (frames, weight, big ass, whatever). and when they manufacture a bed, they have to try to accommodate for as much as possible. so if you fit the average frame, sleep on your side, and weigh about the weight of the national average, probably you never had a problem finding a bad bed as long as you bought anything from a descent manufacturer. but if you are not, like to sleep on your back, have narrow or wide shoulders, you need something that is adjustable so it is more customized to your body. i'm not saying the select comfort is the perfect bed either, but they have the right idea. what am i gonna do with my current bed? maybe i can have it replaced under warranty and then sell it. the tempur pedic was freakin' awesome for the first 2 months. probably better than the select comfort matress i bought today. but after that, its not too different than a cheap slab of foam. and that's not what you want to be sleeping on.

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  1. Where did you find a select comfort for 33% off?