Friday, November 25, 2005

Taiwan trip log

While doing a check-in with my parents at the airport, a guy with a turban asks so is this for china airlines 2PM (the one I'm on). I'm sure my paranoid parents didn't want to be hearing something like that as soon as I got to the airport while sending their son off to a foreign country with its own problems at the moment, the bird flu.

The first culture shock encounter was when I was using the urinal at the Taipei airport. A female custodian comes in and starts cleaning the sink behind me. I don't ever recall ever encountering something like that at the states.

When Cherie picked me up at the airport the first thing she tells me is that she's not feeling too well. Then she tells me more as we're walking towards the bus how sick she really is. Poor thing. If I had known I would have tried to find my way to her apartment by taxi. Hope she's a lot better today.

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