Friday, April 30, 2004

who will be our next American Idol?

believe what you want, but maybe until the top 3, it is a popularity contest. Here are my predictions for the next 5 weeks if I had to guess it blind.

I think the 2 weakest singers in the top 5 so far are Jasmine Trias and Diana DeGarmo. They are both talented with amazing voices, but their voices are not fine tuned just yet. The are only 17 and 16 yrs old. but I don't think they will be the next one to go. i'm going to have to pull the race/sex card and say that Jasmine has an advantage because she's the only asian in the competition. Diana is the only white girl in the competition. And George is the only male in the competition. That leaves out Fantasia and La Toya. Fantasia is a good representation of what people are expecting a winner of American Idol should be, and La Toya is the powerful pure voice that Whitney Houston was known for which we are currently lacking in the music industry. If I had to make a guess La Toya will be the next one to go which will just make it all that much more controversial. Then it will be easy. Either Diana or Jasmine will go, and Fantasia and George will square off. And my prediction will be that Fantasia will win.

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