Wednesday, April 28, 2004

that's the dumbest shit i've ever heard

so Elton John publicly states that he finds it "very racist" that the three black females who are the most talented keep getting the bottom 3. there are so many things wrong with that remark. first, i guess he never watched last season when ruben won against clay. second, the week before last week, jennifer hudson was in the top 3. third a man in his position shouldn't be making such offensive remarks without having the facts straight.

it is my theory that fans only vote when they think they need to. when their favorite does well, week after week, then the fans stop voting, thinking that they'll make it through without their help. when their favorite doesn't do well, they vote as much as they can so they can save the contestant. so this theory applies to what happened to jennifer hudson. i always thought she had a great voice, but i saw this coming weeks ago. and this theory applies to the top 3 last week (which included none of the divas).

i got some more hard drive space, just in time too. I have about 800 gigs now....and one day after, my beater hd goes out. luckily it was only 40 gigs, and holding just a few documents i should be able to retrieve. that hd has served me well. sometimes downloading about 15 torrents at once, while running kazaa. it was also on a raid for a year or two which did some damage because that raid card and maxtors didn't work too smoothly. now i have a dilemma. should i get another HD that would be a beater drive, or should i get the best gig for dollar (250 gig for $160) me a total of 1 terabyte+. i need to make my mind up today since my computer at home is pretty much useless...

I drempt that I was vacationing in Vietnam, and I was at a poker house, and I was playing Hold em against these 2 American tourists. But these 2 guys didn't know how to play, and the way they are used to playing is that everyone puts an ante, and then everyone is dealt 5 cards face up. and whoever has the best hand takes the pot. needless to say I was pretty frustrated when I woke up. so it wasn't like hold em at all. More like 7 card stud, except with 5 cards. and all face up. I won one hand with a pair of Aces with a King kicker.

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