Thursday, April 29, 2004

Iron Chef America take 2

So it looks like they've totally redone Iron Chef America for tournament of the masters. I was surprised that so many of the star chefs wolfgang Puck, Bobbly Flay, and Mario Batali were so willing to participate in the kitchen stadium. They made 2 episode of Iron Chef America before. And it was complete garbage. First, the chairman was William Shatner. Eccentric? But WAY over the top. At least we can imagine Kaga to be an eccentric billionaire, whether he is or not. But to deliberately put someone in there who is just pretending (and everyone knows it), was just hard to swallow. Also, what makes the show great is the commentators, but more importantly the people who dub the voices of the commentators. They just completely forgot the element and hired 2 guys who looks like they commentate on football. Another important element was left out, which were the Iron Chefs everyone came to love. They just brought out people no one has ever heard (the iron chefs) to battle more chefs no one has ever heard (the contestants). What was left was a complete joke. Everyone knew, and decided to not produce any episodes. It seems as they fixed many things wrong with the new Iron Chef America Battle of the Masters. They brought familiar faces of the Food Network, and even 2 of the original Iron Chefs (using the word original loosely since Morimoto replaced the Michiba who replaced Nakamura, and Sakai who replaced Ishinabe). Dunno where Chin is, but out of everyone, I think Iron Chef Chin has the best chance of winning against the US chefs. Not to say that my favorite chef Sakai and Morimoto are not talented. But American palates and cuisine is all about abudance, boldness, and bursting with flavor. And that is the ying to the yang of Japanese Cuisine. Japanese cuisine is more about simplicity, delicateness, and subtleness of flavors. In different aspects French cooking is also the direct polar opposite of American cooking as well. Chinese food on the other hand is bold and bursting with flavor. And Chinese cooking is a cuisine everyone can identify with. It is no surprise that Bobby Flay won against Sakai, even though Sakai had never lost a battle that had to do with fish. on top of that, the fact that Sakai went overboard and served trout ice cream, i realized right there that he really could lose. Which did happen. Sakai sure was surprised of the verdict. I was surprised that Batali won against Morimoto, but maybe we should be giving more credit to these chefs on the food network. They really know their stuff, and it isn't all about behind the camera TV magic. Even without the smooth female voice commentator along with Dr. Hattori and the little dude (can't remember his name), at least they brought in one of my favorite people from the Food Network, Alton Brown. I think I can get used to it.

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