Thursday, April 8, 2004

bye bye camile

well, we all saw it coming. oh well. she has a great voice for a specific type of genre. hopefully she'll do something with it. american idol is not the type of competition i expect her to win.

i'm finding it really hard to make it to the gym this week. its a combination of things. last week was strategic deconditiong week. so my metabolism has gone down. i kinda got used to just going home and crashing even though i only did it for a week. also, i'm eating food during lunch sometimes that is making me feel like i have to take a nap after lunch. i wish my mind set could be like it was before. before, i couldn't wait to get to the gym on a daily basis to be just one day closer to achieving my goals. maybe if i see some results i wouldn't be saying this. luckily i haven't given into going home and sleeping, and skipping a day at the gym. hopefully this is just temporary for this week, and by next week, it'll seem a lot easier. i'm also going to change up my strategic deconditioning weeks. maybe i'll still make it to the gym that week, but stretch and do just a little bit of mild cardio. this way, the week after won't seem like i'm committing myself to the gym for the first time.

thursday is finally here. i've been having poker widthdrawls ever since sunday. people played for fun on sunday, but i was up in LA so i couldn't make it. ever since, i've been itching to play some poker. every day at work, i dream about driving up to ocean's 11 after work and playing some texas hold em. but its not something i would be proud to do. and if i do lose, i'll really regret it. not that i regret losing money on poker. but i would regret if i ended up sneaking off to poker and losing. doing something i shouldn't be doing instead of patiently waiting. i would tell myself "i told you so" and i would hate that.

i'm still wondering if i am a good poker player, or just an average player who's been playing with luck on my side. because when i was at the 2/4 table, it seemed like people there all looked like they knew what they were doing. except there were only one or two people other than me with more chips than they started with.

here is what i'm hoping to accomplish. i have been studying the list of playble hands, and i got it down:

raise and reraise in any position:


call early, raise middle and late position:


call middle and late position

A8s-A2s,K9s-K7s,Q9s-Q8s,J9s-J8s,T9s-T8s,98s,87s, 77,66,55,44,33,22,AJ,AT,KJ,KT,QJ,QT,JT

call late position early

K6s-K2s,Q7s-Q2s,J7s-J5s,T7s-T6s,A9,K9,Q9,J9,T9, 97s,96s,86s,85s,76s,75s,65s,64s,54s,53s,43s

i'll play my starting hands by the book (playing tight). if i do well, i might loosen up just a tad. but i realize that there could be some nights where i can get a good hand every turn, and get beat every single hand. that's just part of poker. on those nights, i'm very likely to go on tilt. stan was able to escape by only losing $2 when it was his bad night, so hopefully, by following his example, i can learn to do that. i also should realize that winning $159 like last time on a 2/4 table is no small feat. it would be foolish to aim so high and start playing loose when i get blinded by how much money i might be able to win. so i'll try to mentally prepare myself to just go there and play my game. i'm not really gonna think about how much money i can lose or win. win or lose, i'll still be happy to know that i played all my hands correctly. .

maybe i'll move up to the 3/6 table if people are playing tight like last time on the 2/4 table. it seems like people are too eager to jump into the bigger tables without getting good on the scrub tables (1/2 and 2/4). i think me and stan are definitely ready for 3/6. i can't say the same for a lot of the people actually sitting on the 3/6 table.

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