Friday, March 11, 2005

ipod's awesome but really dumb interafce

I understand why ipod designed its interface to work with very little difficulty. Its designed by apple who gives users only one mouse button to work with. Afterall, there are people out there who think one mouse button is enough. Ha, to get to the alternate select button, you need to hold down the mouse for 3 seconds. If you just had one more button, you can just click on the second button on the mouse, and do it infinite times faster. Sure, with enough time on your hands, you can design a one button interface for the whole computer that you can operate with one toe. Hold 1 second for A, hold 2 seconds for to type "b", hold 3 seconds for "c" and so on. Even apple would agree that just would be insanely stupid. But apple's thinking isn't too far off from that. One thing missing on my ipod is a shuffle on/off button. It would be great to just be listening to one of my playlists on shuffle, and I might get in the mood to listen to more of the same artist I'm currently listening to. So I should just be able to hit one button on my player, then shuffle it later when I get tired of the same artist, doing all this without having to leave the playlist, or even look at my screen. It would also be instant. Right now, you can't do this without having to click and navigate your way through 9 layers of the menu and a bunch of rotations on the wheel. Why couldn't they instead just add one more button? Aren't you guys supposed to be designing intuitive menus?

Another really dumb thing they did was not have an on and off button. It would be so nice if I could just turn off my damn ipod without having to hold down the play/pause menu for 3 seconds, then enable "Hold". You need to switch it to hold because if the ipod is in your pocket, most likely, you'll hit play on the ipod, and your full charge will be dead after only 30 minutes of enjoyment because it was playing while you weren't listening. I should have to option to turn off/on my ipod instantly.

Oh, and the battery thing. what the fuck were they thinking? If people are paying $300+ for a device, their ipods should come with a convienient way to change the battery. Right now, your options are to pay apple $99, and they'll send you a replacement/refurb ipod, which will have about 2/3 chance that it will be a faulty ipod that someone dropped and mistreated (while you sent them an ipod in perfect condition that you never once dropped or mistreated), and has weird problems like it likes to shut off after 3 minutes of play. Do you really want to pay $99 to have this shit done to you? Sure you can replace your own battery by buying a kit, but that isn't a walk in the park either. Just a simple battery flap. That's all we're asking for. Every freakin electronic device on the market has one.

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  1. so it is tough to change the battery....interesting...