Tuesday, March 8, 2005

American Idol castoff predictions

The guys performed last night, and to me its clear who will be leaving. What's really amazing this year is that even at the top 14, these guys are really good, and should have at least some success in the lime light being an entertainer/singer. My the standards have changed this year. I think its the end of the road for Scott Savol. He was one of my favorites at first, because he seemed like one of those people that stuck his head above the clouds even after everyone had told him that he will never make it. A very similiar reason why everyone liked Clay so much. But what makes him different is that he's not the humble, soft spoken guy who's main goal in life was to help handicapped kids. Scott isn't that. And in the image and vocal department, he doesn't outshine anyone, so I really can't see his target audience so to speak. Scott, you're fired. ;)

The one I think who should really go is Constantine Maroulis and Anthony Fedorov, because vocally, they are the weakest out of the whole 14, and I can't ever see these guys ever winning the competition. Unfortunately, I think the contestant that will probably get voted off are Anwar Robinson and Nikko Smith. Nikko is damn good, and he did go first yesterday, which should help. Anwar is a musical teacher, so he should appeal to the younger crowd. So basing it off that, I say Anwar might be the one leaving. We'll see on wednesday.

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