Thursday, March 10, 2005

CSI Season 5 Finale Cliffhanger?


"CSI season five will end with a MASSIVE cliffhanger, be forewarned. Apparently, one of the major characters will be left in a life and death situation at the end of the season and fans will have to wait all summer to find out the character's fate."

I actually predicted something exactly like this will happen. This is all a guess on my part. The major character in question is gonna be Conrad Eckley, the guy everyone hates and wants to kill, even Grissom. The episode is gonna be likely called "Who shot Conrad Eckley"? Kinda like who shot Sherlock Holmes? Grissom always had a dark side about him, and as we approach the end, the people that already hate him now, like Grissom, are going to be brought to a boiling point, and even Grissom is going to be the likely culprit, when at the end, he obviously won't be. Whether Conrad lives or dies, it'll be up to the writers and producers to see if they want to continue havnig Conrad part of the show, or if they want to get rid of him completely..

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