Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The scientific approach to American Idol

If they are going to do what they've been doing in the other seasons (picking bottom 3, letting 1 go), here are my predictions for the person that are going tonight. The word "package" refers to the video clip of the person they showed before they started singing that introduced the person more in depth.

Amy Adams was the only obvious one. Other than the hair, she doesn't stand out. Plus she had a weak performance last night. This is an obvious one. And I think she'll be the 1 out of the bottom 3 to go.

John Peter Lewis (aka the pen salesman) is my second pick for bottom 3. Despite what the judges said that last night he doesn't have much to offer. And even though Simon called him the "dark horse that can win this competition" that was a total lie to sway the votes. Simon still thinks John Peter Lewis is a joke. Simon is just playing the game. He knows that by complementing him so highly, he'll get less votes, and when people think the underdog is going to win, they stop voting because they think they'll make it on their own. He won't be the one to get the boot today since he did gain a tremendous amount of fans for being the people's choice for the wild card show. Simon will just have to continue lying through his teeth and keep complementing him.

My third pick for bottom 3 is Jennifer Hudson. I agree she's got an amazing voice. She could probably land a recording contract just on her voice alone today, but having said that, she doesn't stand out. She's an amazing vocal performer out of a group of amazing vocal performers who stand out more than her.

There were other people who I thought had weak performances but there are reasons why they won't be voted in the bottom 3.

Camile Valesco - First off, I thought her package was fantastic. Shes beautiful, talented, passionate about what she does, humble, loves her simple life and simple job. You can't not admire someone with those qualities. And she has a tremendous amount of potential, and even if she didn't show it tonight, people are still itching to see if she can bring out something that will blow us away.

John Stevens - He's anti pop. He stands out, but he doesn't stand out enough to win this competition. But what he has is the support of old people voting for him, and they vote in record numbers. He will be around a while as long as the shows don't go on too late for the senior citizens to vote.

Leah Labelle - She looked really hot tonight with her new hair style.. Harsher the comments on a pretty face, the more it helps in the earlier final rounds. She will get enough votes to not get picked for the bottom 3.

Matt Rogers had a pretty good performance, but not up to par with at least top 6 of 12 tonight. But his number of votes in the semifinals displayed that he had a lot of appeal towards to voting crowd. He is the Josh Gracin (last year's Marine) this year. He'll go far...maybe make top 4-6.

My 2 favorites this year is George Huff. After he shaved his mustache, he no longer looks like a 38 year old man. And I would say his voice is good as Ruben Studdards. And of course Camile just on her potential, beauty, and personality alone. I hope she can just let loose and give us all she can give before people start doubting her.

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