Monday, March 1, 2004

another month has gone by

why is it that as you get older, time seems to go by faster? it is because when you are young, the length of consciousness of one's existence is much shorter, that each minute that goes by seems like a significant percentage of one's entire life? or is it that you just stop thinking that each minute of your life is important, when you have been trained all your life to wait and wait at the mercy of of others?

friday, i went to go play poker at a friend's friend's place. well, he had a small apartment but about 24 people showed up. him only having one table, 10 of us decided to go to another guy's condo that he just bought. so after about an hour and so of just waiting for people, and getting lost, we finally got the game under way. we started playing much earlier than usual. it was good since i had to wake up for d1gp early the next day. in about 2 hours, i had control of about 90% of the chips on the table. but my luck had run out and it was getting late. but when we finally got around to the heads up match, stan and i were about even on our chip counts. so long story short, i went all in on a K, 10 off suit, and stan went all in with a A, J off suit. i got second. i'll get him next time. made out with 20 extra dollars and called it a night.

saturday, i woke up at 7:30 for d1gp. got over to casey's place at around 8:30, like everyone said they would. as usual, i was the first one there. we picked eric up and then we got to Irwindale at around 10:30. we stopped by jack in the box, then got to the racetrack a little after 11. the luck was on our side because they ran out of parking, and the only place left for us to park was at the overflow parking next to the gate. getting there 45 minutes late, ultimately saved us about an hour of waiting to exit the parking lot. the prelims were already under way. the drifting was really cool. there were only one major collison to the wall, and all other ones were minor. it was much different than the one the other guys had been to before. at the other event, they said people were driving really agressively and there were a lot more collisions, car to car, and car to wall. it might have been due to the fact that this is only round one of this competition (a lot more races to be held in japan), and people didn't want to wreck early, and were a little cold starting out. there was a new souped up viper that was being drifted. if i remember correctly, it was prepped for Datona. it was quite a sight considering the car was probably twice as heavy as the average car in the competition. it wasn't really for any points. only for an exhibition. unfortunately, he spun out and hit the wall. i'm sure it's gonna cost loads of money to get it repaired. probably the entire cost of some of the cars that were being drifted. the competition ended around early evening. 3 silvia's got first and second and fourth. there was a R32 (i think) skyline that got third. one thing i was really touched by was the sportsmanship of the drivers. they were really humble no matter which place they got. and they were really appreciative of their win and congradulatory to their competitors that beat them by a nose. some even pretty emotional. that says to me that these drivers, no matter how easy it seemed to us, they must have trained endlessly to be where they are at and were really proud of their accomplishments. even the third place guy had tears of joy in his eyes. congrats to all the winners.

after the race, we went to this chinese noodle place. it was quite different that the chinese food places i have been to before. this was supposed to be one of those restaurants reminiscent of those street vendors in china. one of them pointed out that they had stinky tofu there. being curious as usual, i decided to try it. and just as i feared, it was awful. i think this is a pretty accurate description of my experience with stinky tofu. well it smells and tastes like hard tofu that's been marinated in sewedge. then cleaned off, and put into a soup. the smell is really recognizable as sewedge. something i really can't stand. at first bite, it tasted like regular tofu, then the aftertaste got me. like with chicken feet, i'll never be having it again. after that we went to get boba and played a small game of texas hold em just for fun. we didn't have any chips so we used one of the decks as chips. it actually worked out pretty well, and was pretty fun. after that, it was midnight, and time to head home. i got home a little before 1am. putting an end to an intersting long day.

sunday, i decided to catch up on my sleep. i slept and watched tv in bed till about 3pm. went to costco. then went to jeff's house so i can put in a second video card on his computer. after that, i headed to the gym, got a okay workout. watched the academy awards while doing my mild cardio. LOTR was a big winner as it was expected. it won all 11 of 11 nominations. Lost in Translation. i didn't know that sofia coppola wrote and directed it. wow, she can write, direct, and not act. ;) weekend over. time to grind some stones.

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