Friday, March 5, 2004

Hilarious. UPTE loses by a landslide defeat! A 2 to 1 vote against UPTE. Unionizing bastards. UPTE should stand for UP The Ess. It has been a big worry in our dept about them trying to unionize us and us having almost no control over it. Luckily, the majority of us saw right through all that non sense.

All UPTE has done for me is take away $2000 from me as a student cause I was making big bucks at the time so that they can distribue that money towards people higher up who had no right in taking my money.

If I deserve a raise, UPTE would never put it through, or they would probably negotiate that I should get a smaller raise to meet union standards.

If I don't deserve one, I don't care about getting one. Everyone should move up together my ass. I doubt they would ever get anything through the bargaining table. What are they going to bargain with? By organizing a strike? Yeah, that works. Just ask the people at VONS, Albertsons, and Ralphs. They went jobless for 5 months, are all now in serious financial trouble, and ended up accepting the offer they pretty much originally proposed before the strike. I don't want to be striking anyway. That's really stupid and barbaric. People that need to strike should be easily replaceable. With the job market in its current state, there are a lot more qualified workers out there than these people who suck at their jobs and needs big brother to get a raise for them.

Plus, they were going to take $40+ out of my pay check on a montly basis. That's like 2 full rib dinners at Phils. Total bullshit.

Unions discourage hard work and competition by never rewarding any efforts. People don't fear getting laid off so they lose motivation for even do the bare minimum. You know what that is called? Communism.

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