Wednesday, March 24, 2004

i've just played the most incredible hand of no limit poker.

I ended up with a Ace high flush, with 4 clubs on the board, which is pretty rare

But I lost to the guy who had a full hose. now when 4 of the cards on the board is the same suit, that means that the 5th card needs to pair up with one of the 4 cards on the board with the same suit. then to make the full house, the guy with the full house needs to have the a card matching the pair to make the 3 of the kind, then have another card to match another card on the board to make the full house. This flush in itself is probably the most rarest flushes to hit on texas hold em. Probably in the 100's of thousands.

But now it gets interesting. The 4 clubs on the board was all over the place. There was a 5, 10, and 6, and 2 of clubs on the board. But someone reveals a straight flush with a connected 3 4 of clubs. So the guy with the impossible full house loses. and i still lose with my Ace high flush. what are the odds of all of these 3 hands being incorporated in one hand of poker? I'd say in the millions.

moral of the story, the only unbeatable hand is the royal flush.

As for American Idol, I've kinda lost interest in the singers, except Camile. I think she did well enough for the next round. She did show us how incredible her voice sounds in small snippets. If only she can harness it....

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