Tuesday, February 3, 2004

wardrobe malfunction?

there is so much gossip going around. i'll clear up a lot of things for people. it wasn't a nipple ring. it was a gold pastie that had a sunshine type of imprint on it. what both justin timberlake and janet saying could be true. it was a mistake that more clothes came off than anticipated. so it was both a wardrobe malfunction and planned at the same time. so what is with all this outrage? i agree that it was outrageously entertaining. its crazy that we get so mad at just a little bit of half nudity while they could care less about gore and violence. would the same people be complaining if someone got his leg snapped off during the game and it happed on camera? give janet jackson a break. she's just a pioneer.

so i'm 100% done with karaoke revolution on Medium. So i've been playing everything on Hard and Expert. I'm about 60% through doing that.

i didn't get to go to phils bbq this past weekend. sure sounds good for dinner tonight.....mmmm....ribs.

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