Wednesday, February 4, 2004

back in business

i got a rec card today! i just realized that i couldn't put a price on health. the bikes at the IG gym were probably doing no good on my back, and the IG gym is closed tonight. i would only be losing out on about $40, but i've spent a lot more on my back. so i'm going to rimac tonight for about 45 minutes of light fat burn/cardio. its going to be hard trying to keep off the machines and free weights since today is a non lifting day. still, i'm excited. according to travis, rimac should have some new things to offer.

i'm once again hooked on 2 reality tv series. American Idol 3 and the Real Word San Diego. Even though I don't have a favorite this year yet, I love to see heartbreak right on camera. Nothing defines reality more than seeing someone's life long dream get crushed in mass quantities. i think i enjoy the road to hollywood episodes (where they take the 100+ that made it to hollywood and end up with 32) just as much if not more than the bad auditions. as for real world san diego, as with all the real worlds it reminds me of the time when i lived in the dorms. it was just so fun meeting and living with new people and see the different ways they deal with life/people. i really wish there was a program where i can just live with new people every year. a cool house would be nice too. and a cool job. like working on a boat. or a magazine. but even without that stuff, it would still be a blast. even with the drama queens, the assholes you might have to live with. as long as you get some good people in there too.

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