Tuesday, February 10, 2004

has it been a week already?

been keeping it low key on the weekdays. been playing karaoke revolution. i'm about 60% done on expert. i don't think i'll ever get 100% on expert. some i could barely pass on expert and i might have to compremise enunciation for higher scores. that's not good. on friday, i went to phils bbq with casey, casey's gf, remy, remy's friend from hs. and got a full rack of ribs with some steamed vegetables. the first half rack had barely any meat on it, but the second owe had so much. it was perfect. after that, we met at stan's place. and to my surprise he gathered up 13 people who wanted to play some no limit texas hold em. i was glad to play. unfortunately i was the first one knocked out. but i played my hand correctly. the river card did me in, and i put basically all my money on it. we played a side game, and i won that. so i made 5 bucks that night. on saturday, i got some pho with jeff. i rebuilt his computer (put in a asus mobo, 1800+ athlon cpu, 512 DDR333, and a new power supply). the motherboard was top notch stuff, and it was super cheap. i would upgrade if it was at least just a bit practical. while i worked on jeff's computer, he detailed my car. my car surprisingly looks pretty damn good. feels good to drive.

i've been wanting to buy a new digital camera. a panasonic FZ10K. it has a 12x optical zoom with a image stabilizer. with that, you can take pretty good photographic shots, close up and stuff. but its not in my budget. i don't think i'll buy it until i atleast have the money in the bank for it. i finally finished the rich dad poor dad book, and that book is all about making the effort to not waste money so i can save money to buy assets. i don't think i would have put off buying that camera if it wasn't for that book. so how can i afford that camera practically....hmmm...

sunday i went to the gym. took my time working out since there were less people there.

i've gotten into a really bad routine. i come home and take 2 hour naps. then i can't fall asleep till at least 2 am. and when the alarm wakes me up at 8:30, i'm regretting life. i always swear i'll be going to bed so i can get my 8.5 hours and get into a normal sleeping schedule. but i always seem to fail. what is getting in my way?

today is my sister's birthday. i wish i could be doing more than just calling her. maybe i'll go see the family sometime this month.

i think i'm in the mood to cook today. i'm bored of eating canned soup and my lean pocket. i have some choice top sirloin thawing in the refridgerator. i'll break out my spices, heat the oven, put all the burners on full and play iron chef tonight.

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