Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's give Arnold Schwarzenegger a break

Looking at all his life accomplishments from his rise from obscurity, I think people are blowing his faux pas out of proportion.   Should his whole life be ruined because he decided to sleep with his maid and had an illegitimate son?  Sounds like a personal matter, not a world crisis.  It's not like they aren't being provided for.  It would be a shame if this is how Schwarzenegger's legacy ends.  Sounds like the maid was well provided for, and was waiting to cash this check on her way out.  What is worse?  Hiding these events from the public, or selling out the good people that you worked for who is probably considered a part of the family, who is also the father of your son, for money?  I vote for the ladder.  Let's give Arnie a break.

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