Thursday, October 4, 2012

Epidural Steroid Injections Causing Meningitis

I saw the press conference and this sent chills through my spine.  (haha, no pun intended...but wow, what a zinger that is.)  "There's no risk to anybody that did not have a epidural steroid injection."  Knowing how common these injections are, as I have had 3 myself in the past for my herniated disc in the L4-L5, I am betting a ton of people are going through serious panic right now.  I'm sure everyone has had fungal infections before, but if it is in your bloodstream, it can kill you in a day.  I hope people get called in for some antibiotics.  Yikes.  I'm currently in Korea where people take shots for colds.  It's awesome because when you get a cold, you go to the hospital in the morning, pay about $3, get a shot, and head to work because the cold is pretty much taken care of.  In the US when people get colds, they tough it out for a few days.  But maybe I'll slow down on those shots seeing reports like this.

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  1. The practice of getting a shot every time you get a cold, such as in Korea where I work, wreaks havoc on your natural immune system in the long-term. FYI.