Friday, September 28, 2012

Taken 2 Review

I am in South Korea where Taken 2 was released in the theaters a week earlier than in the US.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie and I highly anticipated the sequel.  The movie was more of the same with but with a lot less intensity.  I remember 2 distinct things about the first movie.  First thing was the chops to the neck.  Second was the intensity you felt from the main actor fighting through suffocating layers of insurmountable challenges while trying to find his daughter in a foreign country.  The action scenes were there in Taken 2, but it never felt too intense out of the scenes that involved fighting.  Another thing that I thought could have been better was the scale of the location.  The majority of the movie felt like it happened around one building.  There was never really a search, other than through the corridors of one building where all the bad guys hung out.  The first movie felt like a journey while Taken 2 felt like a short weekend trip.  With all that said it was still enjoyable sequel but don't go into the movie with high expectations.

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  1. Neeson is fine in this lead role, but it sort of is getting to the point now of where he’s a bit too old for roles like this. However, it won’t bother the audience that goes out to see this considering the guy has become a new action-movie icon. Good review Michael.