Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here's a tip for Nintendo: Give the Wii Motion Plus away for each controller

Wii Motion Plus is simply amazing technology, while the original Wii controller (after all the hype has died down) really has been trying to do more than it was techinically possible and people have realized that they just were fooled into a gimmick that promised more than it delivered.

Wii Motion Plus finally makes possible and catches every movement and position with shocking accuracy. Unfortunately, the peripheral is worthless without having games for it. And I'm going to guess that people won't be buying these up like hot cakes. And developers will be making the Wii Motion Plus an optional accessory. And that is the problem.

I think if Nintendo gave it away, they'd have everyone adopting the new technology and all the games of the future could really shine. Until then it'll be a shame if developers don't develop their games with every single advantage they can gain with making thier game work magically with Wii Motion Plus because they have to dumb down things to make sure it still work with both types of controllers without putting too much work on them selves.

What's inside really? Probably a few dollars worth of parts. It is better that everyone adopted this fully rather than optionally. They'll be able to sell more games this way in my opinion. Say a great game comes out. What they want is everyone praising it and don't want someone else buying the game complaining that they are not experiencing anything new although they probably "think" that it would probably be better with Wii Motion Plus. Nintendo should make this investment, or do something like offer rebate programs if they buy Wii Motion Plus and buy a Wii Motion Plus supported game within 30 days.

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