Saturday, January 31, 2009

GTA IV: PS3 vs X360

I've had the opportunity to play both versions through. I'm noticing slight differences here and there. For one thing, there seems to be a lot more blood splatter in the 360 version. That by itself makes the game better. I remember that on the PS3, there was very little of it, where the 360 version is a lot more realistic. Its there all the time as it should be. I've always enjoyed a lot of blood splatter in movies and games. I find it amusing.

The Triangle Club looks even more realistic on the 360. Did PS3 purposely add unattractive bumps or curves to the "characters" so they look less realistic?

The online portion...the PS3's online community for GTA IV was not existant the last time I tried to play. Not because it was too early. People were just not doing it. The 360, it seems like I can get a 16 man going just about any waking hour. But can I turn off the emo chatter? I gotta look into that.

Before the game was announced, Microsoft announced they secured a deal with Rockstar to do exclusive downloadable content. That was a smart move, and its being released in less than 3 weeks. This seals the deal. The X360 version owns (pwn3d) the PS3 version.

For the PS3 is better argument, its true you can force GTA IV to play in 1080p, but there was a catch. The graphic detail didn't seem to improve even though I pixel peeped on the large 52" screen. I couldn't tell if it was better framerate or alternate blurring effects. In the end, not seeing the gain of better graphic detail, and wondering if I was not playing the game with all the visual effects, I reverted to the 720p on the PS3.

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