Saturday, January 31, 2009

A cool refreshment at a bargain

I stumbled upon something today. I had an uncontrollable urge for some gatorade. Having seen some people use gatorade powder, I decided I give those a try. While looking for those, I also saw a box of Wyler's Light drink mixes. The package seemed awfully light and about 1/4 the price of gatorade powder. I thought for $1 (8 packets) it would be worth the risk. For some reason, the pink lemonade seemed to be a hot seller, and having tried that just now, I was blown away by the flavor. How only that amount of powder can produce a solid tasting pink lemonade with that level of sweetness. Didn't even need to mix it. It mixed just fine when water was being poured into it. There is definitely some voodoo going on with it, but I was sold at first sip.

I always thought gatorade powder was horribly over priced. Its just a little bit more than the bottles them selves. And its mostly sugar too. I probably won't be buying gatorade powder after I'm done with this box. Especially when I can buy the Wyler's stuff. I looked at the reviews online for all their flavors and all their flavors are rated really highly.

You can find it at walgreens around the freeze dried coffee section.

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