Friday, February 20, 2009

Problems starting mssqlserver service after vmware 6.0 to 6.5 upgrade

I upgraded vmware 6.0 to 6.5, and when I installed vmware tools that it came with it, the sql server service on my vm wasn't starting. The event logs said:

The MSSQLSERVER service failed to start due to the following error:
The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

For some reason, the vmware tools likes to delete msvcp71.dll from my Windows, system32 directory. Lets hope it'll be patched in the next release.

Solution? I just googled it and found it on

Just stick it back in windows\system32 directory, reboot, and it'll be good. No need to run regsvr32.exe.


  1. You say it so calmly. I about had a heart attack! A major server on a busy day, just went away! I was going from 3.5 to 4. This is a BIG problem for me. Come on VMware, you don't live in a vacuum!

  2. I just ran into the exact same problem! For the second time. Good thing I found my own blog entry! This time upgrading vmware tools to 6.5.3. Oy!