Friday, August 1, 2008

Does cheap gas burn faster?

I've always thought so but was it can never be more than speculation.

I filled up on Saturday at Costco, I drove to Stan's house, then I drove home. Then I drove to LA Fitness and back. After not driving until Monday night, I got back in my car I noticed that the tank read at 2 lines below the Full line. And with the amount of driving that I did, which was less than 15 miles, I expected it to still exceed the Full line. Usually after I've burned through 2-3 gallons of gas, I would expect it to be where its at.

I think we need mythbusters for this one. But that's pretty friggin amazing how quickly the gas burned off. Even if they pumped a gallon less into the tank to make me think I filled up my car for a lot less, it would still not make sense.

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