Sunday, August 3, 2008

Business is on the up and up

I gotta hand it to my sales guys. We got deals in the pipeline, some already closed (just going to take some time to get a PO). Our new website is fantastic and highly tuned for any kind of adword campaign and every SEO optimization we want to do. Software is improving. We've been approved to bid on government contracts which is one of the sales guys' specialties.. And last but not least we now have a new process in place to get additional leads at any time. It involves "selectively emailing" some target indivduals (we've purchased 25k email addresses of people with selective job titles in specific industries), but its effective. We invite them to a webinar on a topic they want to hear more about. And we've been really surprised at the conversion rate.

Just a few more sales and we're hoping it should be for me to finally to make the move up to LA, and get a better sales office so I can work in person with my sales guys. We would always be making a lot of progress. It would also make us work more and more efficient. Working from home is great, but slacking off is too easy. When you work for your own company, it is a joy and a curse at the same time. That is why I have not bought Rock Band, a game I find immense joy playing and improving on the little of it that I play at Stan's house. Which seems to be maybe once a month, if that. I haven't bought GTA: IV, a game I had been waiting for a since it was announced 2 years ago. I did manage to re-mod my Wii to get a mod chip with an updatable firmware so that I can play the 3 new Mario games. Luckily, the games did not prove additing. It could be that I have a new hobby now, which is 55+5. And for once, its a hobby that is not a waste of time.

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