Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to make a new best friend.

It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens nearly all the time. When 2 guys fight physically or just on the brink of exchanging punches, after they resolve the issue, they seem to become best friends instantly. Haven't really thought about how or why this happens, but I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for this.

There are exceptions. The fight can't be about anything else but dominance. It can't be about money, religion, political views, girls, etc. It needs to be about one guy thinking he could beat the other guy up, because he thinks he is stronger, faster, or a superior mark of a man.

So if you want a new best friend, get into a fist fight because you think he's a badass, but you think you can kick his ass. Of course, when the fight never materializes because the other party is non-confrontational you may become enemies.

Lastly, no I am not recommending you actually do this, but just take note that there is something there. And if you can harness the why and the how, you are just one step closer to understanding the underlying science of how to get some strong players on while building a solid team.

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