Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tetris on the PSP

And by that I mean the lack of. I've been playing Tetris here and there lately, and it is due to the Tetris DS that is really an awesome evolution of Tetris. Little tweaks really make the game so much more than what it was more than 15 years ago when I played it on my NES. The ability to store blocks using the left trigger, instant drop using the up button, and the ability to continue to rotate after already touching the ground really does a lot to the gameplay. Its Tetris reborn, refined and really...redefined.

The best Tetris that you can play right now on the PSP is by hacking your PSP to run a SNES emulator and run a rehash of the Nintendo version of it. Unfortunately, after having sampled Tetris DS, the Tetris of 15 years ago feels just like....well, the Tetris of 15 years ago. Sluggish, outdated, primitive, and lacking of bells and whistles.

There is a homebrew version of Tetris but, its nothing I want to even try because it reminds me of a CSE weekly homework assignment at best.

Mario, Metroid, and Link make cameo appearance in the game. And that is a bit of information that explains why there is no Tetris on the PSP. And doing a quick wikipedia search, it looks like they probably do. Bummer.

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