Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Who will be the next american idol?

We're just a week away from the start of season 4, and I can't wait! The rumor is that we will have more episodes of auditions, and less episodes of the final round. I agree with the final round part. Taking one week to weed out the bottom half one by one in the final round seemed way too slow. As for more auditions, I remember thinking last year how 6 episodes of auditions was just enough. Any more and I would have been bored. Hopefully they will mix it up and maybe even showcase the 36 more in depth so that we get to pick our favorites and get to know a lot better. The problem with last season was that I chose a favorite that I knew didn't really have the potential to win after a few tries in the final round. After that, I found myself fast forwarding thruogh the episodes on my tivo skipping past thruogh contestants I didn't have interest in. Also, this year, we will have 6 males and 6 females in the final round. 36 after Holloywood round, and 24 for the audience to vote. I guess that's fair. Last year, I thought a good amount of hopefuls (who could have done better than some of the final 12 contestants) slipped thruogh the cracks when they had to pick 12 out of 32. I see a lot of improvements and potential with these changes. I trust FOX to know what they are doing.

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