Wednesday, January 5, 2005

What the fock?

how does a movie like Meet the Fockers take $80 million to make, while LOTR 3 only took $94 million? The fact that we can get away with saying, "fock" on TV a billion times and get heavily fined by the FCC by saying "fuck" is really amusing. Its pretty much the same thing. And everyone knows it, even the kids. If they let us get away with that, shouldn't we allow kids to swear in the house as long as the spelling is a little off?

Johnny: "Fock you mom! And fock all your friends! What a bunch of sheetheads."
Mom: "Oh Johnny, you make me laugh."

I think our censorship standards is really out of whack, thanks to the FCC. I think we are too occupied with the official word, that they've totally forgot why we wanted to censor the words in the first place. And why is it that we can show people's head's being blown out the back when they are shot point blank and close range in the head, yet, we can't show a single boob (Superbowl & Janet jackson). The FCC is a focking joke.

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