Monday, January 3, 2005

happy new year!

there is not much i could say about the previous year. 2004 pretty much came and went. i met a good number of people surprisingly (all friends of friends of course). i was still recoving from my back injury, and the problems along with it pretty much kept me grounded. even though i did have a legitamate excuse for all the activities i kept myself out of in 2004, i can't help but wonder if i also used some of that as an excuse for being lazy. anyway, the aches associated with my back have pretty much have gone away again it seems (and this time without medication.) i haven't fully tested how long i can comfortably stand and walk thoroughly, but its definitely improved since the end of november. so technically, i should be better than i ever was. i'll never know for sure. but that's all i could ask for to begin the new year.

my new years resolutions. i'm going to make a section on my website to track the progress

1. get to work on time.

details: 5 minutes late once per week allowed. leave house by 8:45am.

2. sleep earlier.

details: lights out by 1am when there is work the next day in the morning.

3. eat healthier.

details: consciously choose alternatives to deep fried, highly refined simple carbohydrates and saturated fats. never buy junk food (chips, chocolate, and the likes).

exceptions: ok to make an exception when purchasing primarily for people other than myself. small hard candies and gum are okay anytime.

4. clean and keep my room (and apt) clean.

details: every day, the room should be cleaner than the day before until it becomes impossible.

5. save money on food during weekdays.

details: $200 allowance on eating out for lunch during weekdays and eating out on weekends for myself. saved money will carry over for next month, but no borrowing from upcoming month.

exceptions: planned trips will be from a seperate trips budget.

6. keep going to the gym.

details: 3-5 days a week depending on routine. take a week off for deconditioning every 6 weeks when building muscle, and a week off every 8 weeks when toning. switch routine at least every 6-8 weeks.

exception: when gym is not available because of travel, sickness, injury, or lack of sleep not due to willfully going to bed late.

if all resolutions are kept till jan 1 2006, the reward will be a digital SLR (either canon or nikon) or a massage lounger (panasonic). the resolution kept will be at 3 states. Good standing. Probation. Fail. Probation status will happen if I violate the rules for the resolution. Once on probation status, I must not violate the rules for that resolution for 6 weeks to get back to good standing. If I violate the rules while on probation status, the resolution will be considered a failure.

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