Tuesday, July 20, 2004

what is it about the olympics?


is it about being a patriot to our country, supporting our athletes, whether we win or lose?  to join in announcing to the world, that our country does it the best and our nurturing democratic enviornment makes these accomplishments possible?

is it about identifying and relating ourselves to the athletes in our own drive for perfection and being the world's best?

or is it idolization of these athletes because they are closest thing to superman/woman that we got?


maybe its all of those things combined.  whenever i think about the olympics, i get a rush of adrenaline.  we'll be witnessing the creme of the crop, who defy what we've known to be possible.  athlethes who have sacrificed their whole lives to compete for this one event to accomplish their life's goal and to make our country proud.  this is a desire we all have inside of us.  at least for the people who watch the olympics, this is true.


watching the olympics this year will be quite a different experience because of people with tivos.  i'll never have to miss a minute of an event because i'm at work, a delayed start of an event, or hours of annoying commericials.

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