Thursday, July 29, 2004

Australia here I come!

ray told me he was flying to australia tomorrow for business, and looking at my options, it sounded really appealing, especially for the price.  so all I needed to buy were the plane tickets.  and found an incredible deal that I couldn't pass up for $759 total round trip.  I've checked with my parents, my boss, got my tickets, and visa.  now I'm good to go!  I'll be leaving SD tonight to go to my parent's place.  My dad will be driving me to LAX tomorrow morning.

Leaving LAX tomorrow (July 30) at 1PM, and coming back on Aug 8 7:10AM back to LAX. 

I'll be staying at Avillion

My flight to Sydney is on Qantas Airlines Flight #8 at Terminal 4.

My arrival back to LAX is on Qantas Airlines Flight #107 at Terminal 4.

Unfortunately neither my cell phone nor blackberry will be in service down under.  if i do have access to the internet, i'll try to make daily posts here and jusspress.

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