Saturday, July 31, 2004

g'day mates

after a 13.5 hour flight, we made a perfect touch down to sydney australia. . if it weren't for the long plane flight, I would think I was in San Francisco. pretty much no difference in how things look, feel and smell, other than people driving on the wrong side of the street.

i haven't had the opportunity to see beyond the walking distance outside of our hotel, but luckily we are right where the action is. so i've already been to darling harbor twice, and china town twice. we'll be meeting up with ray's friend here who has a car to see things further outside our walking distance. i'll also have more time to myself since ray will have to go work, and i'll just have time to kill durnig that time. i think i will take the public transportation system (which is supposed to be awesome) to do some sightseeing and pop off some nice pics i can post on jusspress.

the seafood is supposed to be exceptional here. i've only got the chance to sample some of it, but hopefully i'll be able to get some good seafood for dinner tonight. i've made a choice to try something new and different that i can't get anywhere else instead of ordering what I always order every time I go out to eat in SD.

sydney is 17 hours ahead of PST, so even though we took off on friday 1pm, we arrived here in sydney time, saturday 8:30 pm. what is interesting is that our flight back to san diego will be on sunday aruond 10:00am (sydney time), and we'll be arrivnig in sunday 7:30am (san diego time). so in a sense, we are traveling back in time.

ray did bring his laptop, but forgot his gsm sim card, so the earilest we'll be able to get our internet at the hotel room is in about a day from now. when he does i'll post up pictures on jusspress and put up enteries when i have the luxury of not being in a internet cafe.

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