Wednesday, May 19, 2004

the unpolitically correct american idol prediction

who will go tonight? well, let's break it down. fantasia has got the votes from everyone who's trying to salvage the diginity of the show. a mix of casual to dedicated voters. she'll also be on the rebound from being in the bottom 2 last week, and she's also got the majority of la toya's votes. diana nailed her last performance last night. the only people voting for her will be people who are voting to keep her in the top 2, especially after her last performance. jasmine still has got the sympathy votes, and the dedicated voters from hawaii. definitely not as much as last week, but still a lot. she's also got the votes from the asian nerds who can program auto dialers and program mass SMS text messaging with their wireless cards. go asian nerds! cause jasmine is the cutest one compared to the inflatable baby doll diana (seems to inflate a little bit more each week), and a girl who looks like or is chris tucker is not my cup of tea. i would say that fantasia is safe. diana i'm kinda worried about. and people will be screaming bloody murder if jasmine knocks out diana. after watching last night, simon's comments kinda irked me. it made me want to go "f you simon. i'll vote for whoever i want." and i did. even though she didn't deserve it. the east coast should know by now, but i won't peek.

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