Thursday, May 27, 2004

could it be the aspartame

i found this protein shake while looking to get off glutapro for a month. The Apple Ecstacy flavor is made by Syntrax called in the Nectar. I drink 1 to 2 scoops a day....which might be very minor. I was drinking 2 to 3 scoops for a month. just the other day i've been wondering why i've been feeling mildly depressed and so detached even from all my current, and the gym. i just don't feel like myself this week...and its been a steady decline in my willingness to participate in social activities within the last couple of weeks. true, it could just be the weather, but i found out yesterday that the protein shake has aspartame in it...and lots of it. and one of the most common effects of aspartame is that it messes with cognition and it makes you depressed. this stupid low carb craze gives these protein shake makers no choice when sweetening up their shakes. either make their shake taste bland, or put aspartame and sucralose in it. i would be much happier if these shakes just came with regular old sugar. is that too much to ask? it's much cheaper and healthier. who cares about the carbs. these shakes don't have fat so even if it was sweetened by sugar it would be no problem. plus the simple cards would be well used at the gym.

damn, i got a full bottle of Nectar that I like drinking, and now I can't drink it. My other shake is Glutapro and it has sucralose in it. There are a lot of studies coming out about the dangers of sucralose. I want sugar! just give me my simple carbohydrates damn it!

so fantasia won. no big surprise for me. diana did have a chance to nail her last song, but she started on the wrong foot, or her voice just went out after her first 2 songs and she blew it. when she hit a bunch of flat notes towards the end, I heard it coming after the first few notes when she started. I could only grimace in anticipation. She should have sang her best song (3rd song) first. But then again, fantasia nailed her 3 songs, especially her last one. its true the sympathy votes could have even helped her. by the things everyone seemed to be saying, diana was the underdog. camile's hair looked really awful. i guess that's what happens when you don't get the pros to make you over before the event.

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