Monday, December 1, 2003

thanksgiving was okay. we didn't have any korean food. and i kinda feel like i missed out and i should go get some turkey and mashed potatoes to eat. even though turkey in all reality isn't all that great. You can always eat a better, more flavored, crispier, better prepared chicken. what makes turkey so great is the experience of family and the holiday, not the turkey itself.

as always, my dad got on my nerves. he means well, but just doesn't have any sense of what is proper. i really think there is something wrong with him. has he always been this way?

so it looks like i may finally get my vioxx today. after like 2 weeks of waiting...maybe more. i really hope this will make 90% of all my symtoms go away and i'll be able to start working out and getting back in track.

yesterday at costco, i realized that had stopped reading nutritional facts. so i looked at the stuff in my cart, and decided to put a lot of things back...tameles....kielbasa... and i realized, damn, how was i ever do that math in my head. i was so mindlessly calculating calories, percentages by the hour. the motivation that i had when i got into the swing of things last year has been exhausted. i'm gonna need some help to get into the routine. i need to start eating like i was doing again. a lot of people have told me i've gained some weight. i'm pretty afraid to step on the scale.

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