Tuesday, December 9, 2003

stupid blogger. i lost a post....here's a summary.

been playing lots of video games.

rented manhunt. really bad disappointment. not violent or realistic. not worth the $7 rental.

bought super smash melee for $24 on black friday. it's the best fighting game i've ever played, and its 4 players.

got hot shots golf 3 and socom 2 through casey. been playing a lot of hot shots. haven't played socom yet. i'm really enjoying hot shots.

sold true crime, socom, and the getaway.

friend from high school got married. congrats to him. it was a total surprise though. he just went and did it at vegas last weekend. here it starts...

another high school friend is coming down this weekend so i'll probably chill with him saturday and sunday, and maybe grab some phils bbq.

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